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Why Hire A CPA?

Chartered Professional Accountants see more than just numbers. We are there to help your business build strong financial practices and to take the worry out of taxes.

Who can call themselves an accountant?
Anyone can.

The use of the title ‘Accountant’ is not restricted but the use of an accounting designation is. What sets designated accountants apart from non-designated accountants is they have to adhere to the high professional standards of the Chartered Professional Accountants Association.

The privilege to use an accounting designation is granted after many years of course study, rigorous exams, and a required level of work experience. They must also run a Chartered Professional Accountant operating a public practice firm in British Columbia must be registered in public practice with the CPA Association of BC. Each firm is subject to a mandatory practice review every three years to ensure the quality of the work meets the high standards expected by the public. A public practice accountant must also carry liability insurance. For more information, please examine the CPA Association of BC website.

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